Blood Bank Billiards

Ian Harrower Games is proud to present a new software add-on game for the Drained playfield module from For Amusement Only Games for Multimorphic’s P3 Pinball Platform.

Quit stalking and start chalking. Inspired by the billiards-based pinball machines of the past, Blood Bank Billiards is a tribute to the electromechanical era of pinball with a modern twist.

Game Features

title Designed for the Drained playfield module from For Amusement Only Games.

  • The 2 banks of drop targets and back 8 standup targets represent the 14 solids and stripes of eight ball.
  • The gobble hole represents the eight ball.
  • The other 14 standup targets represent the Blood Bank and are in a 1:1 mapping with the object balls.
  • Thematic integration of physical bell and physical knocker.
  • 1 to 4 players can play.
  • Custom artwork by Ian Harrower:
    • Inspired by electromechanical machines, the game shows all scoring and game state using simulated score reels and translite.
    • Engaging playfield graphics that mix the look of silk-screened wood and inserts with some modern surprises.
  • Over 300 custom callouts performed by Glenn Waechter.

Inspired by the electromechanical era

BBB Backglass
Blood Bank Billiards Boxbox display.

Blood Bank Billiards uses the LCD display in the backbox of the P3 to create the feeling of an electromechanical (EM) pinball machine. The scoring is displayed using reels. The players, ball counts, tilt, extra balls and over the top indicators are all represented as they would be on a silk-screened backglass. Although the game does use a single set of score reels, it supports up to 4 players. The game even simulates tracking high score using a grease pencil.

BBB Playfield
Blood Bank Billiards playfield.

We continue the EM inspiration down into the playfield with a design that mostly replicates a printed playfield with static inserts. This is blended with dynamic icons for the Blood Bank. In the center, there is a cutout that gives a view into the 3D scene and where we also display animations. The light shows also try to stay true to the EM era, but we do use some RGB effects to help communicate things to the player.

The sound design of the game reinforces the EM theme with mechanical reel sounds, EM chimes on scoring, and an over the top buzzer. This is further realized with integration of the Drained module physical bell and knocker.

Additionally, there is a subtle lighting effect when you flip that dims the lights like in an EM where the power draw of the flipper coils will dim the GI lighting.

Graphical features

Blood Bank
Blood Bank Particle Effects.

The Blood Bank features a unique graphical effect enabled by the P3’s ball tracking. When you hit a flashing blood target, you will splatter blood across the screen and as the ball re-enters the screen it will leave a blood train in its path.

Scratch Video.

Pool animations depict the progression of the game and tie pinball back to the pool theme.

Purchasing Blood Bank Billiards

Blood Bank Billiards is available for the Multimorphic P3 Pinball Platform. This game application requires the Drained P3 playfield module (sold separately). To order the game visit the Multimorphic store.


What are people saying?

It's another great Modern-EM game on the P3. It's the modern version of Target Pool with nice touches I didn't think I'd see in a new release ever again. I love all that the design touches that pay homage to the EM era. I think it's going to be a great competitive game for use in tournaments, with simple rules that require awareness at all times. Honestly -- I can't WAIT to use this game in tournaments. I think it's gonna be a real popular pick. Best of all, it's a game I keep hitting the start button on over and over again on.
-- Derek Correia
Blood Bank Billiards is the first third-party game designed exclusively for the first third-party playfield module! From the ruleset, to the callout and bell and knocker integration, the light shows to the virtual score reels and grease pencil high score window - Blood Bank Billiards is a brillant and exciting homage to the electro-mechanical era, and the perfect compliment to Drained.
Ian Harrower Games has created another fantastic gameplay experience for all owners of the Drained playfield module. Pocketing the eight ball is a challenge you can sink your teeth into!

-- Nicholas Baldridge of For Amusement Only Games

Game Rules

  • Completing each of the 14 coloured object ball shots (L, I, C, M, I, R, Holy, Water, R, O, R, S, T, A) will activate the corresponding location on the 14 Blood Bank targets.
    • Completing all 14 balls will light the gobble hole for the 8-ball. Completing the 8-ball will award 2250 points and reset the object balls.
    • The inlanes will spot the 7 and 9 balls (Holy and Water).
    • Hitting the gobble hole when it is not lit represents a scratch and will end your ball.
  • The Blood Bank consists of the 14 targets at the front of the module (G,A,R, left cape, flaming, silver, slay, vamp, sword, torch, right cape, S, E, K).
    • Up to 2 targets can be flashing for 300 points when the corresponding ball is sunk.
    • Hitting all eight front targets when active will drain the blood bank and award an extra ball.
  • Spelling BANK and SHOT on the side targets will light the pop bumper for 100 points and upper slings for 10 points.

Game options

  • Rules options
    • Easier Ball Difficulty [Yes]: When on, object balls may be spotted on adjacent target hits to help complete racks.
    • Extra Ball Difficulty [Medium]:
      • Easy: You can earn up to one EB per turn.
      • Medium: You can earn only one EB per ball number (e.g. You cannot earn an Extra Ball on a Shoot Again turn).
      • Hard: You cannot earn another EB until you complete a rack (Sink the eight ball)
    • Extra Ball Award [Extra Ball]: Extra Ball or Points.
    • 1P Tilt Ends Game [Yes]: If yes, when playing as one player, tilt will end game. In 2 to 4 player games, tilt always is loss of ball in play.
  • Presentation options
    • Enable Blood Effects [Yes]: When enabled, hitting a flashing Blood Bank target will splash blood onto the playfield.
    • Persistent blood effects [Yes]: When enabled (and blood effects enabled), blood will stay on the playfield for the entire ball. Otherwise, the blood fades after a few seconds.
    • Enable EM lighting effects [Yes]: When enabled, GI will fade on each flip.
      • Duration of fade effect [0.05]: Option to help tune fade effect to your preference.
      • Intensity of fade effect [100]: Option to help tune fade effect to your preference.
  • Audio Options
    • Callout chattiness [Yes]: Control the frequency of callouts.
    • Volume of voices [0.8]: Adjust callout volume.
    • Enable friendly trash-talk [Yes]: When enabled, callouts may mock your play upon draining.
    • Enable background music [Yes].
    • Volume of background music [0.8].

Supporting the Hans Messner Allogeneic Transplant Program​​​

Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto

Blood and marrow transplants are also known as hematopoietic stem cell transplants. These transplants are used for patients who have blood or bone marrow disorders and other types of conditions that may benefit from this treatment. Stem cells are collected from the bone marrow or peripheral blood of a donor and are used to help treat patients when chemotherapy treatment alone ​is not likely to be effective.

Ian Harrower Games will be donating $20 from each sale of Blood Bank Billiards made before August 1, 2024 to the Hans Messner Allogeneic Transplant Program​​​ at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Although we will not be disclosing the total sales of the game, Ian Harrower will post in August after the donation is made, confirming it has happened.


Game concept, 2D art, animations and programming by Ian Harrower


All callouts performed and recorded by Glenn Waechter


Music by Tom Feldmann


“Pool Table Traditional” by fizyman is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 4.0. Modifications were made to the textures and materials used on the table.

“Bar” by Edward Joseph is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 4.0. Modifications: added / removed some objects from the scene.

Additional sounds from freesound licensed under CC0

Thank You

Nicholas Baldridge of For Amusement Only Games for making Drained. Without this module, this game would not exist.

Special thank you to my beta testers: Derek Correia and Nicholas Baldridge. They provided valuable feedback that helped shape the final game.

Thank you to D. Gottlieb & Company and Ed Krynski. This game is obviously heavily influenced by the great game Target Pool with a lot of modern twists. This project is not associated with or endorsed by Gottlieb Development LLC which owns all the copyrights to Target Pool.


BBB Flyer Front
Blood Bank Flyer Front.
BBB Playfield
Blood Bank Flyer Back.